After a few days in what quickly became one of our favourite anchorages, we checked the forecast and decided a hop to another anchorage which is one that is really only best when the weather conditions are calm and the wind is low, was in order. We followed our friends on SV Alegria out of Caleta Candeleros Chico and headed toward the small island of Monseratt. We made our initial stop at two little islets sitting off the north end of the island, which are surrounded by shallow depths. This made the water surrounding the islets bright tourquoise in colour, and we were hoping for some good snorkeling. Sadly, the wind, current and conditions were such that the water just wasn’t very clear that day, so after lunch and a quick swim, we pulled the anchor and headed south to the anchorage at the very north end of the island.

Why radio between boats when you can just swim over to talk to them?

Not long thereafter, we found ourselves at a stunning white beach, backed with sandy dunes sulphur yellow in colour. Shortly thereafter SV Cavu arrived and we all zipped over to the beach for the late afternoon. We had a lovely catch-up, and the girls were in heaven with all sorts of people to play with them in the sand.

Desperate for a little shade from the late afternoon sun!
Sand angels are a thing, right? (Please excuse the crooked horizon, one too many Tecates!)

As the next day Stu had a call scheduled, we decided to move back toward the stronger internet signal en route to rejoin our friends on Mapache, Catspaw and Wahina Toa who were already anchored in an anchorage called Ballandra on Isla Carmen. We’d spent one night here previously, but due to prevailing winds had moved on before we’d had a chance to really enjoy it. Once we’d had our dose of internet we were able to raise the sails and have a gentle sail most of the way up the coast of Isla Carmen – a favourite way to pass an afternoon!

Pretty much my favourite way to spend a day.