The title of this post is the response my sister sent over satellite messages when we informed her that instead of anchoring in Bahia de los Angeles, as originally planned, we were going to continue another 120-ish miles south to a port called Santa Rosalia…meaning another 18-20 hours at sea.

So, here we now sit tied to the dock in Santa Rosalia, 257 nautical miles south of where we started, having completed our first overnight passage. Make that two overnights! Stu and I are understandably tired, so this is going to be a short post just to say we are not in our intended destination, but we have solid cell service here so we will update again once we’ve had a chance to nap. I will explain why we jumped further south, and the decision-making process to do so, as well as describe what it was like to be sitting at the helm, plunging through the darkness at 7 nautical miles per hour while everyone slept, watching the bioluminescent phosphorescence alongside the boat.

In the meantime, have a peek at the amazing welcoming party we had for our first passage. One of the most amazing things we’ve ever seen:

Hasta Luego,

Erin, Stu, Ellie and Lily