I have been trying to write two different posts this week, one catching up on all the things we’ve done in the last month (we arrived four weeks ago today!), and another on our ‘day to day’ existence on the boat, and realities of living in 500 square feet that float on the water. But as we prep to leave tomorrow for our first passage, I’m too tired to finish either of them.


So, here are the important details, and I’ll finish those posts in the next while (possibly tomorrow before we go). Short story is that our weather ‘window’ to make our first passage south has opened, and we anticipate throwing off the bowlines early-afternoon tomorrow!

Part of the reason we’ve been waiting to leave. We’re the green dot. The colours show wind speed (as you can see toward the bottom), and the red shows winds over 25-30 knots an hour – not exactly what we want for our first overnight passage on this boat with two small kids.

We will be heading about 160 miles south of here to Bahia de los Angeles (which is the first place that provides us much protection from winds coming from the North (which are the prevailing winds at this time of year)). We anticipate it will take us 18-24 hours to get there. From there we expect to continue making our way south, though we’re not entirely sure of the pace. We also haven’t determined just how far south yet, but it is possible we’ll eventually head toward Bahia de Banderas (the bay where Puerto Vallarta is located), weather-depending, with the plan to start heading back north as we head into summer. We have work we want to do on the boat by next fall, so we expect we’ll likely come back here to Puerto Penasco to do that.

Photo courtesy of my sister’s Google Map search so you can see where we’re headed. We’re near the top in ‘Puerto Penasco’, and we’re headed toward the red point to start.

Once we’re a few miles away from Puerto Penasco, we will no longer have cellular service (I know, whaaaa?!). There is no cell service in ‘Bay of LA’ (as the cool kids call it), and we’re not sure how long we’ll be anchored there, so it is safe to say it may be another week or so before we are back in cellular or wifi range. That being said, we are now set up with a satellite system known as Iridium Go on the boat, which we’re using in connection with our trusted weather and marine forecaster, Predict Wind. We can send and receive calls, text messages and emails with the Iridium, as well as access very, very, very slow internet for the bare necessities (ie. weather forecasting). We also have emergency/SOS alerting and there is a tracker so people can see where we are!

So, if you’d like to reach us any time we’re away from cell service, you can still email us at mullingaboat@gmail.com or go directly through the Iridium at skookumv@myiridium.net, or you can text us at +881652431419. We are on an ‘unlimited data’ plan this month, so while we won’t be able to see photos or download attachments, we’re always happy to hear from our friends and family, so please don’t hesitate to send us a message!

We are still trying to figure out how to embed the satellite tracking into our blog, but in the meantime, you can go here to see where we’re at: http://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/SV_SkookumV

Let’s hope we have a more successful exit from the harbour than these guys! And yes, that’s what the exit looks like at low tide.

Thank you to everyone who has messaged and commented in the various social media formats to-date. We so appreciate the support and encouragement from afar.